This morning our distribution payment was received. I know how important your collaboration has been and I need to thank you very much for your help. We are a small family owned company and I don't know what would have happened without your help. With this payment we can look at the future in a more optimistic way.
- President & CEO of aeronautical parts producer

(We) settled today at mediation... Our side is very pleased with the terms of the resolution. (We) appreciate your help on this matter and believe the fact that you were working on our side - and opposing counsel knew and respected your abilities - was a factor in reaching the resolution.
- Attorney, Texas-based commercial litigation firm

The professionalism, commitment to detail and 24/7 approach demonstrated consistently by the Lain, Faulkner team helped solidify a victory for our client.
- Lead commercial litigation attorney

I wanted to express my appreciation for the efforts made by LainFaulkner in this chapter 11 case. All parties acknowledged that with proper cash management procedures, this could be a successful business. With your firm’s intervention, the trust was able to confirm a feasible plan. Without your firm’s intervention, this would have been a chapter 7.
- United States Trustee

LainFaulkner is my first choice as a trustee. They get to the heart of things fast, plan well, and then push hard for resolution and closure.
- Bankruptcy attorney

If you want to know, this splatter [graph] tells a lot to me … this chart I find fairly compelling …
- U.S. bankruptcy judge

I hire LainFaulkner because they do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, at a reasonable price.
- Trustee, claims, preference and forensic services

I'm pleased with the results...for the cost and result...obtained in this one, this one hits it out of the park...I would be delighted to see this firm being used in other cases.
- U.S. bankruptcy judge

We have worked with LainFaulkner on many cases ...and they've always...given good value
- Bankruptcy attorney

From the Court's perspective, this is a textbook case illustrating how schedules and statements of financial affairs should be prepared.
- U.S. bankruptcy judge

The court has not detailed here the data from which Mr. French derived his numbers. Suffice it to say that his research was extensive and well-planned. The court is satisfied that his opinions are defensible under the most rigorous Daubert analysis.
- U. S. bankruptcy judge

They are great to work with and have this [claims resolution and preference analysis] down to a science. When all was said and done, the Trustee ended up with approximately a 50% distribution rate for unsecured creditors – much better than predicted early on in the case.”
- Attorney, user of claims and preference services

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Bankruptcy Engagements

Company Industry Provided For
ACandS, Inc. Manufacturing  Settlement Trustee

Accident & Injury Pain Centers, et al Medical Unsecured Creditors' Committee

ADTECH Systems, Inc. Technology Chief Restructuring Officer

A&I Creditors' Trust Medical Post-Confirmation Trustee

Advanced ATM Services, Inc.  Financial Debtor/Trustee

Affiliated Food Stores, Inc.  Retail Debtor-In-Possession

Airbase Services, Inc. Aviation Trustee

Alma/Equinox Liquidating Trust  Oil & Gas Trustee

American Wholesale Club, Inc. Retail Unsecured Creditors' Committee

Ballantrae Healthcare, LLC Medical Trustee

Beef America Operating Company, Inc.

Food Manufacturing Trustee

Jerry W. Biesel 

and Elizabeth S. Biesel

Real Estate Trustee

Blue Chalk Cafe, Corp. 

d/b/a Left At Albuquerque

Restaurant Debtor

Brook Mays Music Company

Music Trustee
Brownwood Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, Inc.

Automotive Examiner
Cafeteria Operators, L.P.

Restaurant/Cafeteria  Debtor
Cascade Creditors' Distribution Trust

Health Care Trustee
Cavalcade Foods, Inc.

Restaurant/Cafeteria  Debtor
Comm South Companies, Inc.

Telecommunications Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Trustee
Compco Computer Centers, Inc.

Retail Trustee
Cornerstone Products, Inc.

Manufacturing Debtor

CoServ, L.L.C. 

d/b/a CoServ Communications, et al

Electric Distribution  Debtor-In-Possession
Crescent Machinery Company

Manufacturing Debtor-In-Possession
Cummins Utility

Utility Creditors' Committee
DataVoN, Inc.  Telecommunications

Trustee/Unsecured Creditors' 


Distinct Development LLC Real Estate Trustee

Denton County Electric 

Cooperative, Inc., 

d/b/a CoServ Electric, et al

Electric Distribution Debtor-In-Possession
Empire Funding Corporation Financial  Debtor/Liquidating Trustee

Express One International, Inc. Aviation

Unsecured Creditors' Committee/

Trustee for Class 10 

Creditors' Trust

FirstPlus Financial, Inc.  Financial  Creditors' Committe/Plan Trustee

First RepublicBank Corporation  Financial  Served as Claims Managers

Flying Boat, Inc.  Aivation  Trustee

Furr's Restaurant Group Restaurant/Cafeteria Debtor

Gadzooks, Inc.  Retail  Debtor

Gadzooks Creditors' Trust Retail Trustee

Git-N-Go Creditors' Trust Convenience Stores Post-Confirmation Trustee

Goldstar Emergency Medical Services, Inc. Ambulance Providers Debtor (6)

Greystone South Limited Partnership

Real Estate  Trustee
Hack Drilling Company

Oil & Gas Trustee
Hampstead Properties

Real Estate  Trustee
Harbor Financial

Financial Secured Creditors 
Hazel Pointe, LP

Real Estate Trustee
The Heritage Organization, LLC

Financial Services  Trustee
Horizon Pharmacies

Pharmaceutical  Plan Trustee

Nelson Bunker Hunt 

& Caroline Lewis Hunt

Various Special Claims Analyst

William Herbert Hunt 

& Nancy Jane Broaddus Hunt

Various Special Claims Analyst 
William Herbert Hunt Trust Estate

Various  Examiner
Interlink Home Health Care, Inc.

Nursing Homes Debtors (14)
International Aviation

Aviation  Trustee
International Galleries, Inc.

Art Trustee
ITC Cellular, Inc.

Retail  Trustee
JT Thorpe Company

Manufacturing  Plan Trustee
JVA Operating Company

Oil & Gas Trustee
Kevco, Inc., et al

Manufacturing  Debtor (8)
Kitty Hawk, Inc., et al

Aviation  Debtor (10)

KLH Computers, Inc,  

(f/k/a Entertainment Marketing, Inc.)


Trustee, Chapter 11 and 


LifeStream International  Medical Product Manufacturing  


Post-Confirmation Trustee

LCC Estate Corporation 

(f/k/a Logix Communications Corp., Inc. )


Creditors Committee/Plan Distribution Agent

McDonald Technologies International, Inc.


Manufacturing  Secured Creditor
Medical Select Management Healthcare Trustee

Midway Airlines, Inc.  Aviation  Trustee

Money's Foods  Financial Debtor/ Liquidating Trustee

Mosaic Group Telecommunications Post-Confirmation Trustee

Precept Business Service  Product/Transportation Debtor-In-Possession/Trustee

Rand Energy Company Oil & Gas Debtor

Rand Oil & Gas, Inc.  Oil & Gas Debtor

Schlotzsky's, Inc.  Restaurant  Debtor

Search Financial Services  Financial  Post-Confirmation Trustee

Senior Living Properties  Nursing Homes Creditors Committee

SpectraVision, Inc., et al Entertainment

Post-Confirmation Plan


Sunrise Energy Company, et al Oil & Gas 

Unsecured Creditors' Committee

/Post-Confirmation Trustee

Swan Transportation Manufacturing  Debtor/Claims Docketing

Teamworks Staffing, LLC Temporary Staffing Debtor

Texas Health Enterprises, Inc.  Nursing Homes

Unsecured Creditors' Committee/

Post-Confirmation Trustee

Tia's Restaurants, Inc. Restaurant Trustee

TIC United Corp. Transportation Debtor

TLI, Inc. (Trailways) and 

Related Entities


Debtors/Unsecured Creditors'



Unger & Associates, Inc.  Financial  Post-Confirmation Trustee

VartecTelecom, Inc. Telecommunication Trustee

Weblink Wireless, Inc., 

Pagemart PCS, Inc., 

Pagemart II, Inc.

Telecommunication  Debtors-In-Possession

Westmoor Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Clothes Manufacturing  Secured Creditor
Wildflower Resort Company Real Estate Trustee

Wilson Foods Corporation Manufacturing/ Wholesale Retiree's Committee


Business Advisory Engagements

Company Services

Allianz Investment Corporation

Reviewed compliance with overhead allocation

provisions of various limited partnership 

agreements and computed amounts overcharged

to client. Reviewed net worth of partnership units

and advised on final dissolution and wrap up of

partnership affairs

Bank  of America  Secured creditor's due diligence review

Bank One Secured creditor's due diligence review

Blue Star Resources, Inc.  Secured lender

Comerica Bank - Texas 

Accounting investigation of skilled nursing 

and assisted living facilities for secured lenders;

monitored compliance with modified loan agreement


Co-Serv Electric and Affiliates Financial performance modeling and load restructuring

Dell Computer Company Preference defense

C. Philip Elliott and related entities Investigative accounting and claim administration performed
on behalf of federally appointed receiver

Exide Corporation  Purchaser's due diligence reviews

G.E. Capital Realty Group, Inc. 

Operational review of apartment complexes 

and review for compliance with loan covenants

Heritage Farmstead Museum Fraud Investigation

Lacey Investments, Inc.  Operational review

Metro Airlines  Asset Disposition consulting

Office Products Distribution  Seller's due diligence reviews

Paragon Restaurant Group, Inc.  Operational review of restaurant procedures

J. E. Robert Companies 

Operational review of apartment complex and 

review of compliance with provisional workout


Trammell Crow Companies 

Contract Trustee for three trusts created under a 

loan restructure agreement

Don Wallroth Fraud investigation and cash tracing

Wilma, Inc. 

Trustee for three trusts established under state 

law for assignment of assets for benefit of 



Litigation Engagements

Company Services

Aviall Services, Inc. vs. Cooper Industries, Inc.


Environmental litigation

Bayco Products vs. John Wray, et al

Damage Expert (Defense)

The Belmont Group

Trustee appointed in federal district court under

Crime Control Act of 1990.  Responsible for

preservation of assets and supervision of business 

activities during the pendency of a temporary restraining order;

supervision of compliance under settlement agreement 

W.D. Chisum, et al vs. E.F. Hutton, et al

Valuation and Damage Expert (Plaintiff)

Con-Equip, Inc. et al vs. AT&T, et al

Valuation Expert (Plaintiff)

Con-Equip, Inc, et al vs. Link-Belt Construction, et al

Accounting Expert (Plaintiff)

Continental Coal, Inc., et al vs. Midwest Coal, LLC, et al

Accounting Expert (Plaintiff)
Executive Financial Services and Sunray Oil Cash tracing and litigation support for the receiver in an
SEC action for a Ponzi investment scheme.

Ensearch Corporation, et al vs. Harris Trust and

Savings Bank, et al

Litigation support; Accounting and damage expert


HPC Laboratories

Valuation and Damage Expert (Plaintiff)

HSBC Business Loans, Inc vs. Fred Edwards, et al

Accounting Expert for State Court

Hunt Energy Corporation 

Computation of amounts owed under contractual 

obligations; Computation of license fee entitlements


Jewel Recovery  Valuation and Damage Expert (Plaintiff)

Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. Lost-profit analysis and expert testimony

Longview Production Company  Damage Expert (Defense)

Naterra International, Inc. vs. Terry Laboratories, Inc. 

Litigation support; Accounting and damage expert


Oil & Gas Managing Partners Corporation and
Golden Triangle Energy Corp.

Served as Receiver in State Court litigation
ORIX Capital Market, LLC Litigation Support; Accounting expert

Pinnacle Realty Management Company Fraud investigation and internal control recommendations

Precept Business Products, Inc.  Valuation Expert (Plaintiff)

Premiere Holdings of Texas LP

Liquidating Trust vs. Jack Lapin, et al

Accounting Expert (Defense)
Quality Analytical Services, Inc. 

Review and analysis of supporting documentation for

response costs

Senior Living Properties, LLC Trust vs.

Clair Odell Insurance Agency, et al

Damage Expert (Plaintiff)
Dong K. Sim vs. Southwestern Carriers, Inc.

Served as Receiver in State Court litigation
Southwestern Bell Wireless  Litigation support; Analysis of claimed damages; alternative damage calculation (Defense)

Daniel O. Tomlin, Jr., Debtor, Robert Milbank Jr.,

Trustee vs. Tomlin Properties

Litigation support; Accounting Expert (Plaintiff)

Transcore Holdings, Inc. vs. Rocky Mountain

Mezzanine Fund, et al

Faud investigation and Accounting Expert 


Tri-City Health Centre, Inc. vs.

Randolph Royal Gillum D.O., et al

Litigation support; Consulting Expert (Plaintiff)
Ty Inc. vs. Pamela Laux, et al

Litigation support; Accounting Expert (Plaintiff)
White Rock Anesthesia Associates

Fraud/embezzlement investigation. Expert witness

services (Defense)

For nearly three decades, LainFaulkner has been a trusted source of bankruptcy accounting, forensic accounting and litigation services.