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Exceptional Results is our Trademark

LainFaulkner has specialized in bankruptcy, litigation, forensic and accounting issues since 1982. Based in Dallas, TX, and providing services across the country, LainFaulkner brings a unique blend of experience, skill, rigor and dedication to every engagement.

We are much more than a data processor. Regardless of the service provided, LainFaulkner offers:

Knowledge. We have the depth of knowledge needed for all types of cases. We stay abreast of current bankruptcy law, business and economic developments that may affect our clients. In addition to being certified public accountants, many shareholders hold other specialty certifications

Experience. Collectively, LainFaulkner professionals have over 200 years of experience in bankruptcy and restructuring services. Our support staff is highly trained with an average of over 8 years tenure with LainFaulkner. We have worked with bankruptcy attorneys and in courts from Delaware to California.

Exceptional results. Both as case fiduciary and in various supporting roles, LainFaulkner actively contributes to maximizing results for our clients. We emphasize cost effective, integrated case management with our winning combination of experienced staff and proprietary software

We Are Different

It takes the right mix of people and technology.

Unlike traditional accounting firms, we provide a broad base of financial and analytical services—all from a single firm. As a result, our accounting solutions are fully integrated with the legal issues and business challenges our clients face.

Our expertise and proprietary systems help LainFaulkner turn hardship into opportunity.

Focus and attention of senior-level professionals. Clients work directly with one of our firm’s seasoned professionals. All of our shareholders are certified public accountants and each brings a rich and varied experience in industry and professional services, offering valuable perspective, astute business judgment, and flawless execution.

An integrated and disciplined approach. We provide a detailed, structured process built around concrete accounting principles. We are able to focus on services that have the potential for the greatest return on investment.

A commitment to quality. We apply extensive quality controls at every phase, from data-gathering through reporting.

Anticipation of client needs. Our experience provides us with the insight to anticipate requirements even before they are requested by our clients. We understand the complexities of the process and understand how to get the right information for each unique circumstance.

We “cut through the jargon” and deliver concise expert testimony. Although we have all the right accounting credentials, we don’t get lost in the “jargon.” We know how to interpret and communicate financial information in a clear and effective manner to our clients and in a court of law.

Advanced technology managed by skilled professionals. We utilize our own powerful proprietary software for the administration of claims and analysis of avoidance actions. In addition, we turn to data mining software to manage the complexities of litigation. These high-performance applications enable efficient, integrated case management, generating easy-to-understand reports and compelling graphic exhibits.

Integrity. Our success rests on our reputation for fairness and integrity. We demonstrate these values in the way we conduct our business.

Fair pricing. We bring the right staffing mix to every engagement. By blending the talents of senior professionals and experienced staff, we provide quality and efficiency at competitive rates.


Our clients know the LainFaulkner Difference

From corporate executives and attorneys to judges and trustees, professionals who understand the intricacies of bankruptcy, litigation and situations involving challenging business issues recommend LainFaulkner.

United States Trustee

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the efforts made by LainFaulkner in this chapter 11 case. All parties acknowledged that with proper cash management procedures, this could be a successful business. With your firm’s intervention, the trust was able to confirm a feasible plan. Without your firm’s intervention, this would have been a chapter 7.”


Attorney, user of claims and preference service

“They are great to work with and have this [claims resolution and preference analysis] down to a science. When all was said and done, the Trustee ended up with approximately a 50% distribution rate for unsecured creditors – much better than predicted early on in the case.”


Correspondence received from Attorney, Texas-based commercial litigation firm

“(We) settled today at mediation… Our side is very pleased with the terms of the resolution. (We) appreciate your help on this matter and believe the fact that you were working on our side – and opposing counsel knew and respected your abilities – was a factor in reaching the resolution.”


Lead commercial litigation attorney at an international law firm regarding Lain Faulkner's forensic accounting services

“The professionalism, commitment to detail and 24/7 approach demonstrated consistently by the Lain, Faulkner team helped solidify a victory for our client.”


Correspondence received from President & CEO, European based producer of aeronautical engine parts to Trustee upon receipt of a 90% distribution payment to holders of allowed general unsecured claims

“This morning our distribution payment was received. I know how important your collaboration has been and I need to thank you very much for your help. We are a small family owned company and I don’t know what would have happened without your help. With this payment we can look at the future in a more optimistic way.”


Lead commercial litigation attorney at an international law firm regarding Lain Faulkner's forensic accounting services

“The professionalism, commitment to detail and 24/7 approach demonstrated consistently by the Lain, Faulkner team helped solidify a victory for our client.”


U.S. bankruptcy judge, regarding LainFaulkner's preference exhibits

“If you want to know, this splatter [graph] tells a lot to me … this chart I find fairly compelling …”


U.S. bankruptcy judge, regarding LainFaulkner's schedules and statements preparation

“From the Court’s perspective, this is a textbook case illustrating how schedules and statements of financial affairs should be prepared.”


U.S. bankruptcy judge, regarding LainFaulkner's preparation of schedules and statements

“I’m pleased with the results…for the cost and result of obtained in this one, this one hits it out of the park…I would be delighted to see this firm being used in other cases.”


Bankruptcy attorney

“LainFaulkner is my first choice as a trustee. They get to the heart of things fast, plan well, and then push hard for resolution and closure.”


Bankruptcy attorney

“We have worked with LainFaulkner on many cases …and they’ve always…given good value”


Trustee, user of claims, preference and forensic services

“I hire LainFaulkner because they do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it, at a reasonable price.”

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