Trustee and Fiduciary Services


Trustee and Fiduciary Services

We earn your trust with results

LainFaulkner professionals serve as examiner or trustee in bankruptcy cases, as well as other fiduciary capacities resulting from negotiated debtor/creditor agreements. We work effectively with the bankruptcy court, the United States Trustee, and other parties-in-interest.

The ability to clarify highly complex legal and financial issues and develop sound economic solutions is one of LainFaulkner’s hallmarks. Our team consistently builds consensus among disparate parties – a key skill in maximizing returns. Regardless of the case, LainFaulkner delivers optimal results.

LainFaulkner professionals act as:

  • Court-appointed fiduciary including trustee, receiver and escrow agent
  • Plan administrator
  • Trustee of voluntary assignments for the benefit of creditors
  • Disbursing agent
  • Noticing agent
  • Docketing agent