Bankruptcy Services


Bankruptcy Services

Unmatched bankruptcy expertise

LainFaulkner handles all of the accounting and administrative aspects of a bankruptcy. We relieve our clients of the burdens of compliance with bankruptcy rules and procedures, freeing them to focus on operating their businesses and other critical matters.

Our bankruptcy services include:

We are much more than a data processor. Regardless of the service provided, LainFaulkner offers:

Knowledge. We have the depth of knowledge needed for all types of cases. We stay abreast of current bankruptcy law, business and economic developments that may affect our clients. In addition to being certified public accountants, many shareholders hold other specialty certifications.

Experience. Collectively, LainFaulkner professionals have over 200 years of experience in bankruptcy and restructuring services. Our support staff is highly trained with an average of over 8 years tenure with LainFaulkner. We have worked with bankruptcy attorneys and in courts from Delaware to California.

Exceptional results. Both as case fiduciary and in various supporting roles, LainFaulkner actively contributes to maximizing results for our clients. We emphasize cost effective, integrated case management with our winning combination of experienced staff and proprietary software.

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