Bankruptcy Filing


Bankruptcy Filing

Setting the records straight

Both inside and outside of bankruptcy, we help companies get their financial affairs in order. Employing experienced professionals will help your bankruptcy filing go smoothly. LainFaulkner can help.

Pre-bankruptcy Planning

LainFaulkner assists owners, management and their legal counsel in identifying and implementing viable business alternatives to bankruptcy. In addition, we assist the debtor through the maze of procedural requirements of a debtor-in-possession.

Bankruptcy Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs

If bankruptcy protection is determined to be the best alternative, we stand ready to assist a debtor in filing timely and accurate court-required Statement of Financial Affairs, Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and creditor matrix. In addition, we regularly provide noticing and claim docketing services. Many clients, recognizing the benefits of an integrated case management approach, prefer to employ LainFaulkner to handle these related services.

Financial Advisors to Debtors and Committees

LainFaulkner assists debtors and creditor committees with preliminary analysis required to develop a successful and workable plan of reorganization.

Integrated Case Management

Many clients recognize the benefits of an integrated case management approach and employ us to handle schedule preparation, noticing and claims docketing services. Once the creditor information from the schedules is in our claim database, LainFaulkner can efficiently docket claims and provide various noticing matrices required for bankruptcy filings.