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Claims Agent & Management Services

Creating the best possible results

LainFaulkner has unrivaled experience evaluating claims in bankruptcy cases and obtaining highly favorable results. We achieve results by bringing together our experienced personnel and proprietary technology. We provide an accurate and equitable analysis that focuses on minimizing costs while maximizing distributions to creditors.

Our Claims Administration System (CAS) is a powerful database application that supports every step of the claims administration process, from preparation of the debtor’s schedules through resolution and ultimate distribution to the creditors. CAS was designed with safeguards throughout the processing cycle to ensure data reliability. An audit trail documents all changes by reference to the court docket number and preserves the integrity of the database. This feature is especially important to fiduciaries with responsibility to properly distribute funds of the estate.

This highly flexible system has unlimited data capacity and reporting capabilities. It generates a wide spectrum of standard and customized reports. Every report generated is reviewed for clarity and accuracy by a senior professional. We apply quality control procedures throughout the engagement.